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Shipping or Local Pick-up / Drop-off

 I live in the state of Washington, and would be happy to receive your top and backing by mail. I'd recommend sending your materials enclosed in some kind of sack or bag to protect against possible moisture in transit and then placed in a hard-sided cardboard box. Make sure the box is securely taped and labeled clearly. 

Return shipping: I will send your quilt back to you in the manner described above via USPS Priority mail (using flat rate when possible/economical). Priority mail comes with $100 of insurance and a tracking number but please indicate on your intake form if you would like me to buy any additional insurance on your behalf. It's a great idea to insure your valuables against loss or damage while with the Postal Service, but I don't require it.

Local Pick-up / Drop-off is limited to a 15 mile radius of my rural Arlington, WA home.  Email me at to discuss the possibility of meeting in person to exchange your quilt top & backing.

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